Inner Radiance

What they said...
A beautiful soul- ever cheerful! Great marriage celebrant!
Swaran Naidu
Most adorable, loving and funfilled person who has the almighty’s grace to make people happy.
Asha Menon
Sue has the highest integrity and is a highly capable/skilled marriage celebrant. She is sure to make your special day even better. I highly recommend Sue.
Vishnu Reddy
Sudesh was heartwarming, reassuring and always positive. She made sure the proceedings were smooth and that we were at the centre of it all. Would highly recommend!
Chetan L.
Chetan L.
It was great to have Sudesh Johar as our marriage celebrant. She helped and guided us in all the steps to make the preparations easy.
Ketan J.
Sudesh wrote & performed a wonderful script for our wedding making it a truly unique mixed culture experience. It was obviously really special for us, but it also had a tonne of glowing feedback from our friends & family.
Andrew W.
Andrew W.
Inner Radiance – a perfect name for such a radiant and cheerful person, truly passionate in everything she does, definitely recommend her to spell her magic in your most cherished moments !!!
Deepa Kaushik
Sudesh was a pleasure to work with! She incorporated everything that we wanted in the ceremony and she made it fun so all the guests could enjoy! She was very patient throughout the process and went above & beyond. I highly recommend her and her services
Ajantha M.
Ajantha M.
Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

The elements of our wedding that was super important for us in incorporating was around celebrating my Indian heritage. Whilst we knew we didn’t want a 5-daywedding (yikes!), we did want to ensure the meaning of certain rites and rituals were included within the ceremony + the vibrancy, colour and fun was included within the styling and florals.

We managed to find the Hindu Civil celebrant Sudesh Johar, who we worked really closely with to curate a ceremony that was really meaningful to both Thomas and I and our families. We loved that Hindu wedding ceremonies is more than just about two individuals coming together, but rather the joining of two families. The ceremony included the traditional welcoming of the Groom and his family by the Bride’s family, the legal vows, as well as a garlanding ceremony and tying of the knot + saptapadi (seven steps). The Seven Steps, is where the bride and groom take seven steps around a fire (in our case, 7 candles) signifying 7 promises they make to each other. Thomas + I wrote our own promises based on the traditional Hindu principles, but also the values by which we were raised by each of our families. The dupatta that joined us as we made these promises was tied around our wrists by each of our mothers, signifying their blessing on behalf of our extended families.

Our styling direction was very clear; bold and bright, with lots of texture and light, which is really representative of most Indian weddings and Indian culture as a whole.)
Samira & Thomas
Samira & Thomas
We were looking to have a cross cultural wedding and we were so happy to find Sudesh. She was such a pleasure to work with and was able to to put together a ceremony that incorporated everything we were after. Sudesh was very thorough in the planning process and was in constant communication and kept asking for our feedback so we'd end up with a perfect ceremony. Unfortunately, due to Covid we had to change a lot of what we were looking to do, which was never too much trouble for Sudesh. She was very flexible and really did help make our day very special. Thank you so much for all your work Sudesh.
Asmita K
Asmita K
Any number of five star ratings or umpteen reviews will give you the peace of mind that comes with “seeing and believing! Yes ! You need to meet Sue , “to see , to believe “in all that we have said about her! And the one thing you will surely do is “Thank the Universe” ! For bringing her to you! Sue will fill you with happiness , happiness for things done to perfection! With her immaculate attention to detail, organizing ability and the beautiful energy she brings with her , I am sure your special day will be the best of all that is to come!
Divya Sriram
Sue is a lovely and kind person that people can immediately warm up to and feel like their closest friend. She is a wonderful person that you will feel very relaxed and comfortable with, and her personality brings a smile to everyone’s face. She showers so much of love, that your wedding is going to be the most memorable event in your life. Her compassion and love are beyond words. Sue makes everyone around her feel special, and I am sure that she would be a wonderful celebrant.
Aruna Gillkum
Congratulations to Sudesh for becoming a Civil Marriage Celebrant. Sudesh is a diligent and dedicated people’s person. She is committed to fine details for every task she takes on. Her interior home decorating skills become very noticeable as soon as one enters her house. She is currently active in voluntary work in the local community as a Justice of Peace and Ethic teacher for primary school children. She also generously supports few charitable institutions on regular basis. I am very delighted to say that Sudesh is a spiritual and ethical minded person and believe in all Faiths. She also speaks two of Indian languages and will be able to conduct the ceremonies in a delightful manner making your special day a seamless one. I would highly recommend anyone to choose Sudesh to be their marriage celebrant.”
Kuldip Singh
The most loving person with a great personality would make any marriage very memorable. Sudesh would make a couple very comfortable from the start to the end. Sudesh is a very joyful lady. I can highly recommend Sudesh to any couple looking for a celebrant.
Sarojini Ramsay

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