Inner Radiance

Emcee Services

Having an experienced emcee will allow the event planner to relax more and enjoy the evening. Please allow me to tie all the activities together smoothly with flair and professionalism. I am a Professional of ceremonies who will make your event more memorable and successful.

Apart from the formal ceremony, I can often extend my professional MC (Emcee) services for your entire event. Be it a special birthday, wedding reception or anniversary,  I’m charming as the host and facilitator of the event. 

From warming up the crowd, and setting the right tone from the get-go, I make sure that the guests are informed, pumped and prepared for the program ahead.

I can skillfully bridge the content between the panelists/speakers and the audience while keeping the conversation flowing. With a broad knowledge base in a wide range of subjects from business and women’s empowerment to leadership and technology to work from, I am proficient at directing the discussion and drawing out insights and stories. I also know how to encourage audience engagement and questions. I am also experienced in preventing one panelist or member of the audience from monopolizing the discussion.

Baby Naming Ceremony
My job is to make sure that the special moments of your event are seen by everyone in the right light.



Wedding Celebrant Sydney
We assure you...

We will delight in crafting a commitment ceremony or a renewal of your vows to represent your commitment and desire to grow in love together.

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