Inner Radiance

Same Love Weddings

Inner Radiance is 100% supportive of Marriage Equality and catering for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender couples.  We look forward to making your Day “One to Remember” and are excited about helping the LGBT+ community plan their wedding day,

Wedding planning is such an incredible journey,

one that you will cherish forever and we will help you with any concerns and questions you have. With marriage equality, as an LGBTIQ couple, you now have the freedom to plan a wedding that fits your personality, style and desires. Add personal touches that feed your heart and soul and truly reflect you as a couple. 

Same Sex Weddings
That way, you and your guests will remember your special day a long time after your wedding!
Same Sex Weddings

We can work through every step of your special ceremony...

with guidance in areas you have concerns with navigating from the traditional wedding path of a bride and groom. We can answer your questions if you are unsure of any aspects of the wedding day. If you need support with culturally sensitive situations or challenging family circumstances, we will be there to find solutions and ensure that your ceremony is one you will cherish throughout your married life. 

You can and you deserve to have, the ceremony you have dreamt of.

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Our Wedding Celebrant Service Features

Same Love Weddings

Your wedding is a very special occasion, so give yourself plenty of time for us to work together to design and create your personal dream ceremony.

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