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Wedding Celebrant Sydney

How do we begin when looking for a marriage celebrant?

We would love to meet you to help the planning of your wedding ceremony all fall perfectly into place.

Having a Celebrant allows you the freedom to choose your venue, your theme and the chance to write your own vows. When we marry a couple, they are deeply in love and the wedding service more often than not reminds the couples attending about their love story. 

Call us for a friendly and relaxed meeting to discuss how the creative dreams for your wedding day can be framed into a memorable ceremony. You can book a Marriage Celebrant up to 18 months in advance.

Presentation of Marriage Certificate

Documents you will need

Both of you will need to provide :

Your birth certificate or passport

Your driver’s licence or an alternate photo ID

Death certificate if widowed

Divorce Certificate if divorced

We need to complete initial legal paperwork at least 30days prior to the date of your intended marriage.

Wedding Celebrant Sydney
When you add your love and devotion as a couple to our professionalism and dedication to excellence as a marriage celebrant, you are in for a magical and memorable day.

Our Wedding Celebrant Service Features

Wedding Celebrant Sydney

We look forward to assisting with your marriage/shaadi planning and want to work with you to create a memorable ceremony for your special day.

Civil Marriage Celebrant servicing Sydney, Western Sydney, the Hills District and is happy to travel.

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