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10 reasons why you should consider a winter wedding

winter wedding

Cooler weather and shorter days? That just means getting warm on the dancefloor and longer nights.
We’re very partial to winter weddings. It’s an appropriate time of year to drink red wine and create an intimate, indoor ceremony.
We’re throwing out 10 reasons why you should consider a winter wedding.

Long-sleeve wedding dresses

1. Long-sleeve wedding dresses

Yeah, we’re repeating ourselves. But that’s because we’ve spent a lot of time drooling over the abundance of incredibly flattering gowns to hit the bridal market over the last couple of years.

Day to day, we’re not exactly winning fashion prizes (jeans-life) but we can spot a beautiful wedding gown a mile away. Long-sleeve wedding dresses are elegant, practical, flattering and forever in style.

2. Lighting

In winter, the lighting is generally softer which is ideal for photos. On top of this, the magical golden hour that photographers always bang on about is earlier than in the warmer months (around 4:30-5:30pm) which means you won’t have to leave your own party halfway through to get the most magical portraits.

Fire pits

3. Fire pits

We’re yet to meet a human who doesn’t enjoy a good yarn and a glass of red wine around a fire. Throw in a few marshmallows and you’ve instantly created an inviting (and warm) space for you and your much-loved guests

4. More potential for a special rate

Being a slower season (for now), plenty of venues and some vendors offer winter wedding rates. The savings are considerable when you’re talking about hosting a large group of people and just think of what you could do with the extra cash – go on a longer honeymoon, hire a videographer or buy more marshmallows.

More potential for a special rate

5. Flowers

It’s a common misconception that winter is a time when every plant, flower, animal and human goes into hiding. The truth is, some of our favourite flowers are out and about in winter. Think hellebores, poppies, tulips, sweet peas, anemones and dahlias.

6. Good eating

We’re wired to want to eat more when it’s cold. Winter treats like pork crackling, hot soup, red wine, sausage rolls, whiskey, sticky date pudding, smoked meats, and baked potatoes – are the mouth-watering moments we live for.

Good eating

7. Accessories

A winter wedding is your chance to splurge on that faux fur you’ve always wanted or to accessorise with a custom denim jacket, leather boots etc. For the men, it might mean a velvet jacket or a hat or scarf.

8. Indoor ceremonies

Think about it: the boys don’t have to stand around waiting in the hot sun, getting all sweaty and sunburnt. The girls don’t have to worry about sweat patches or makeup melting off their faces, or wind ruining their hair. It’s a win-win, plus indoor ceremonies look amazing.

Indoor ceremonies
Venue/vendor availability

9. Venue/vendor availability

The lower number of weddings in winter means there’s a much better chance you’ll be able to nab your favourite wedding venue, photographer, florist, makeup artist, stylist, celebrant etc. on the date you wish.

10. Honeymoons

If you’re staying close to home, you’ll be honeymooning outside peak season (again, cheaper rates and better availabilities). Or if you want to head overseas, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a European summer or a relaxing beach honeymoon in Bali.

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