Are you looking for a Civil Marriage Celebrant?

Marriage celebrants have the privilege of conducting ceremonies in any style, at any location giving the happy couple the wedding of their dreams.

How and Why I became a CIVIL MARRIAGE Celebrant?

Sudesh Johar
Celebrant, Hills District, Sydney

While I spent many years in Accounting, Auditing, Sales and Marketing, I was still looking for a career of passion!

My lightbulb moment came a few years ago after being a guest at a Celebrant-led wedding in their own home in Sydney and marvelling at what a truly personalised ceremony can feel and look like!

Now I am a trained Marriage and Family Celebrant with AQT of Celebrancy by Keith Lammond, a very well-known and experienced Celebrant.

I am passionate about the role marriage celebrants have in working with couples to provide a truly memorable ceremony for their special day.

Marriage Celebrant’s Services

Multilingual Ceremonies

Ceremonies can be conducted in:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi

or a mixture of these two languages. This gives you lots of opportunities to include new customs, cultural rituals and readings to make your wedding ceremony extra special!


If you’re looking for a wedding Celebrant with an adventurous spirit, a depth of life passion and a sense of joy and fun, I would love to make your day as special as it can be-

Ceremony Themes and Locations


I am able to conduct your ceremony in any Australian city with any style you desire and a theme of your choosing. Whether you want a classic ceremony, beach celebration or to marry in a unique location.

Additional Wedding Ceremony Services

We can also help you with:

  • Wedding decorations
  • Bridal party bouquets
  • Wedding Planning

Gratitude and Appreciation

I love being a Celebrant – I am a real “people person” and love everything about romance and weddings, meeting people and listening to their stories!

My career as a celebrant has been blessed with so many wonderful people, experiences, venues and cultural beauty. Wedding ceremonies from the two and a half minute legal, right through to the heavily staged and theatrical affairs, which has blessed me with amazing experiences over a period of time that has allowed me to grow and develop even further as a human being as well as a civil marriage celebrant.

Marriage celebrants are truly privileged being allowed into the inner sanctum of people’s special days as they officially start their life long journey together.

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